FO Friday – Handspun Birds Of Paradise

IMG_6211I had planned on sharing a new free mitten pattern today but, due to me accidentally deleting my draft, I have to type it all out again.  Makes me incredibly grateful that I do most of my pattern writing on actual paper first.  I do, however, have a new finished project to share with you all though.

As I mentioned in Sunday’s post, I started working on a cowl using Natalia Moreva’s newest pattern, Birds Of Paradise.  For those of you who may not have come across any of Natalia’s patterns, I highly encourage you to take a peek.  Her patterns are a colorwork knitters dream and this one is no exception.  Although the pattern is written for mittens, I have used her chart to make a whimsical cowl.  Toss in some corrugated ribbing and i-cord edging and Ta-Da!  A beautiful new cowl.

The only problem with finishing a knit like this is that I just want to make MORE.  So I’m digging through my stash of fiber and sifting through Natalia’s ever-inspiring designs to see which one I will make next!

Happy Friday all!

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