Confessions And Colorwork

IMG_6016First of all, let me make a confession.  I have been a bad, bad crafter this summer.  I could blame it on the heat, the busyness of this time of year, training for another half marathon, or the simple fact that I would rather be doing something outside, but I won’t.  I’ve been enjoying a nice little almost-vacation from crafting.  I haven’t gone completely without doing any knitting or spinning, but I have scaled back measurably and, as you might have noticed, I’ve made fewer blog posts this summer as well.  Sometimes you just need to take some time to smell the roses, the wonderful spicy scents of ferns in the woods, and the salty beach breezes to give you a little bit of perspective and to clear your head.  This has been the best summer I’ve had in ages because I’ve decided to toss expectation out the window and allow time and space to breathe … and it feels GOOD!

With all that said, I started a fun project this morning, in handspun of course, in the attempt to get my crafterly mojo back in full force.  Some of you may remember the handspun Tully Chullos that I made a little while back.  Well, I’ve decided to keep going with the dog theme and make a fun colorwork cowl.  I sat down this morning with my handspun Dorper in “Spice Bazzar” and some Knit Picks Palette and just started knitting.  I didn’t want to stop!  This is one of those projects that seems to just fly right off the needles.  I had planned working on it tomorrow while I man my booth at the farmer’s market but I may need to take a backup project, just in case I finish it.  I’m looking forward to proudly showing you all my fun new cowl when I finish it!

So how is your Summer (or Winter, depending upon which hemisphere you live in) going?  Do you take little crafting breaks too?  If so, what do you like to do?

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