FO Friday – Whitman Chevron Cowl

IMG_5781 IMG_5801Guess what I finished?  And guess what I’m completely in love with? Well, I suppose, I’m really not all that tricky, seeing as the photos appear first in my posts, he he he.   I finished knitting my handspun chevron cowl in “Whitman” this week and I have been busting at the seams, waiting for Friday’s post, to show it off.

I’m so pleased with how well this projects shows off the amazing colors in this handspun yarn.  As someone who spins a lot of hand painted fibers, the challenge is always to find the right project for that special handspun yarn (because really, isn’t ALL handspun extra special?), something that will really showcase the hard work that indie dyers put into each and every braid of their fabulous fiber.  This project does just that, perfectly 🙂  I can see more of these in my future for sure!

What are some of your favorite patterns for handpainted yarn/fiber?  Do you have one particular pattern that you come back to time and time again?  I’d love for you to share!

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