Turkish Spindle and Kilimanjaro

IMG_5769So grateful for this badly needed rain this afternoon.  Our garden is really thirsty!  Plus it gives me an opportunity to get better acquainted with my new Turkish spindle. 🙂

I started my spinning journey 6 or 7 years ago with a regular ordinary top whorl drop spindle and enjoyed it SO much that I eventually bought a wheel.  While I love my wheel dearly, especially since is a nice little compact little Kiwi, there are times when I would much rather just toss a spindle and some fiber in my bag and hop on out the door.  So this year during the Tour de Fleece, I challenged myself to learn to spin on a new type of spindle.

I picked up this Ashford Turkish Spindle during my most recent trip out to Belfast Mini Mills and have been enjoying it immensely.  The winding on took a little getting used to but once you’ve got that, it is the same as other drop spindles and having seriously gorgeous fiber to play with certainly doesn’t hurt either.  😀

I am currently spinning 4oz of Falkland in “Kilimanjaro” colorway by Nest Fiber Studio and it is even more dreamy than in looks in the picture.  I’m going to leave this as a fingering weight single and I have a feeling that it will eventually end up as part of a nice cozy shawl or cowl.

Are you participating in Tour de Fleece?  If so what are your spinning plans/goals?  Do tell!

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