WIP Wednesday – Brioche!


IMG_5746Seems like a couple of times a year, I go into a kind of “hermit” mode where I tend to forget about the outside world and either create, create, create, or I focus my energies on trying new things and working on new skills.  During my most recent phase of relative seclusion i started tinkering with brioche stitch but more specifically, two color brioche knitting.

Pictured above is one of my two color brioche swatches (a picture to show what each side looks like).  I know that it isn’t any huge surprise to you that I really enjoy colorwork but this is a whole new level of fun.  You take two different colors of yarn and create an amazingly soft and squishy fabric and the two sides are mirror opposites of each other.  It is mind bendingly wonderful!  Throw the technique known as syncopation into the mix and it gets even more interesting.

While the sample above may not look like anything special, it took me many, many tries to figure it out. I thank my lucky stars that I came across Nancy Marchant’s Craftsy Class, Explorations In Brioche Knitting as it is a wonderfully laid out class that walks you straight through from what cast on methods work best for each type of brioche knitting, increase, decreases, bind offs, and even the best way to sew in ends. This girl gives it two thumbs up!

So, over the next while, I look forward to playing around with this new knitting technique and eventually knitting a handspun version of Gina’s Brioche Cowl by Purl Soho.  

What have you been up to?  Are you learning any new techniques or crafts?  Do tell!

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