FO Friday – Whitman and Work Socks

IMG_5644 IMG_5642A rainy week generally means a productive week craft-wise for me.  I’ve been knitting up some more adult work socks and have started on a pair of kiddo sizes ones to match.  I’ve also been spending a bit of time at my wheel as well.

On Wednesday, I posted a bobbin shot of some really lovely mixed BFL in “Whitman” colorway by Two if by Hand.  That fiber was so dreamy that I just couldn’t stop spinning it and so, today, I get to share my pretty new skein of handspun with you.  I was spinning with the intention of a DK weight once it was N-plyed and I’m quite happy with the resulting 13 wpi yarn.  I REALLY want to start knitting with it right NOW but I keep telling myself that I must be patient and finish up my current projects first.  Sometimes it is just so hard to have crafterly discipline!  🙂

Do you get like this sometimes too?  Do you have a skein of yarn that you just can not wait to dig into?  Do tell!

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