Sable Island

IMG_5535 IMG_5537 IMG_5539Yesterday, I needed a quick and fun knit in handspun.  I have a basket by my knitting chair full of my most recent spins and while I sit and knit, I ponder what I would like to do with the skeins.  Since I’ve been doing quite a lot of animal motifs lately, I decided I should bust of my treasured Mary Jane Mucklestone books to look for some inspiration.

I settled on a lovely horse motif and paired it with my handspun Corriedale in “Acorns” colorway and some really wonderful handspun and dyed Shetland.  The Acorns handspun was, if you remember from a previous blog post, one of the first skeins where I started spinning across the top so the color graduations are long and slow and exactly what I was looking for with the project.   Because of the beautiful colors in the fiber and the horse motif, I called the hat Sable Island.  This is what I imagine the wild horses living there would look like running along the beach at sunset.

While I’ve never had the pleasure of seeing Sable Island in person, I have been lucky enough to see Sable Island Horses at Shubenacadie Wildlife Park (the only other place in the world that these beautiful animals can be found outside of Sable Island).  So it is kind of cool to make a hat as unique as these wonderful creatures. 🙂


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