IMG_5259This week has most definitely been a productive week for me.  Along with great progress on my cardigan, I’ve also been working on a fun and funky pair of mittens for my friend J.

I call these mittens “Click” because I think that they would work perfectly as photographer’s mittens.  The free index finger allows for manipulation of a camera’s various dials and buttons.

J said that she would leave the color and fiber choice up to me (how awesome is that!!!) so I just couldn’t resist knitting them from one of my most recent spins.  These babies are knit from 4oz of Romney in “To The LIghthouse” colorway by Northbound Knitting and I adore both the colorway and the fiber prep.  I do so love a good long wool!  😀

The first mitten is almost complete … just have to do a nice little i-cord edging around the wrist and then it is on to the second.  They are surprisingly quick to knit and I do believe that I am going to need a pair of these this winter as well.  In handspun. In longwool.  😀

Hope you are all having a wonderfully crafty week!

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