WIP Wednesday – A Trip And Custom Socks

IMG_5124Who doesn’t adore nice sturdy wool work socks?  I know that we all certainly enjoy them in this household and recently, when a friend asked me if I could make him a couple of pair, I told him sure thing!

The kiddos and I took a trip out to Belfast Mini Mills yesterday for some yarn and, of course, to visit with all the animals.  They have a wonderful flock of various kinds of poultry … silkies, guinea fowl, bantams, and some with CRAZY feathered top knots … and they are all so curious and friendly.  We always enjoy watching them strut around the yard and size us up.

Inside the store, they are getting all set up for the upcoming season and have started carrying some really great Cestari yarns.  The wool is a wonderfully bouncy columbia/targee cross and the colors are all natural shades of the wool.  This was my choice for the custom socks but I would like to go back and pick up a sweater lot worth because it is absolutely perfect for knitting a nice cabled sweater.

Once back at home, I got cracking on the socks.  They are simple 2×2 ribbed socks with a heel flap and are working up quite quickly.  I have the first sock almost finished already!  Hopefully I can keep the momentum and there will be no SSS (second-sock-syndrom) here!

Happy crafting all!


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