WIP Wednesday – Stonecrop

IMG_5078Sometimes spring makes me scrap-happy or, if you will, I come down with frog-itis.  I guess it is kind of like a crafterly version of spring cleaning.  I have gutted my ravelry queue which had, quite frankly, become completely unmanageable, as I was to knit EVERYTHING.   I’ve also taken a good look at my work-in-progresses (of which there were only two) and have decided that they just weren’t suiting me.  My Karlakor has been frogged, the wonderful woolen-spun handspun has been put away for another day, and I’ve turned my eye to something lighter.

Knitting-wise, I needed a change in pace.  I had been working on some really delightful colorwork (which you all will get to see someday) but also felt an ever growing need to get cracking on something lace.  You know what its like … when lace starts calling, how are you to resist?  It certainly wasn’t hard to choose either my pattern or my yarn for my new and lacy project.

Stonecrop by Jared Flood has been at the top of my must-knit list since the lauch of The Loft Collection in late 2011.  For some reason or other, I just never got started on it, and I’m not really sure why.  It is a gorgeous garter stitch lace stole/scarf which Mr. Flood writes, “… was inspired by traditional Orenburg shawls of Russia..”  Intriguing, no?  And for the yarn, while I was drawn to the lovely grey pictured, I tend to wear more browns and tans so I went with the rich rusty brown of Hazelnut in Knit Picks Palette.  So far, I am really enjoying this knit and kicking my butt for not getting started on it sooner.

Also on the WIP front and not knitting related in the least is my current reading choice … “The Girl Who Played With Fire” by Stieg Larsson.  This is the second book in the Millennium Trilogy and I can’t (or don’t want to) put it down.  It is unfortunate that I haven’t been able to master knitting and reading at the same time because I find it hard to choose between the two.

Are you an avid reader as well and have trouble choosing between reading and craft?  What good books have you read lately?  Do share!

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