WIP Wednesday – It’s A Mystery


Today’s work-in-progress Wednesday post is a little different than normal because you don’t actually get to see the WIP.  What?  But that’s not fair, right?  You will eventually get to see the project but this is a test knit for someone (not telling who either! he he he) so it has to be kept under wraps until the pattern is released.  I am, however, showing the yarn that I’ve picked for the project because it isn’t the yarn the pattern calls for.  Tricky, tricky!  Pictured above is Palette in Wallaby, Briar Heather, Finnley Heather, and Hazelnut colorways.  I know that it isn’t much of a clue but let me tell you, it is going to be gorgeous!

Enough teasing for now … Hope you all have a crafty Wednesday!

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