Plans For A Handspun Lopi


Over the past year, I’ve been working on my woolen spinning and, with my 2lbs 3oz of local wool all spun up (yay!), I have accumulated enough to knit a lopi sweater.  I did some mixing and matching up of my woolen handspuns this afternoon and have come up with a color combo that I am quite pleased with.  Both dark grey and light grey are the gorgeous local fiber,  the white is a border leicester  and the gold colored, a romney/corrie cross that I picked up from Spunky Eclectic, and the blue is a beautiful wool/bamboo/mohair/soy silk blend  that I picked up from Art Club.

I have yet to pick a pattern but I’m leaning heavily towards one in my vintage Reynolds Lopi Volume. 78 and the pattern Karlakór in particular.  There are just so many lovely patterns to choose from!  I still have a couple of projects to finish up first so I still have some time to decide.

Hope you’re all enjoying your week so far, and happy crafting!

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