First Spins Of The Year


January is starting with a bang in the fiber world. Lots of really amazing KALs and SALs happening and Ravelry groups are ripe with challenges to hone your skills, learn new techniques, and to bust those knitting and spinning stashes. How can you not feel inspired with the enthusiasm and verve shown by fellow crafters!

Last night, after checking out some awesome spins by fellow ravely members, I got out my wheel and finished up spinning my bump of amazing polwarth in the “November” colorway by Spunky Eclectic. I didn’t spin with any SAL or challenge in mind, it was just spun for the sheer delight of it. Spun up as a DK weight fractal 2 ply, it is soft, fluffy, and very bouncy. I love, love, love both the colorway and the fiber itself.


Since I was in a good groove last evening, I got started on my first challenge for the year … the woolen challenge in the Spunky Eclectic ravelry group.  I got out my 2lb 3oz bag of gorgeous locally sourced organic shetland/border leicester cross fiber and  didn’t stop spinning until THE ENTIRE BAG was spun up into singles.  I also plyed my first skein, to boot!  Eventually, I am planning to use this handspun for a nice lopi sweater from on of my vintage pattern books.   I have some really nice cream, blue, and yellow woolen-spun handspuns in my stash that might look good as accent colors.

Sooooo, I *might* have been on a bit of a spinning binge last night but it sure felt good.  🙂

What kinds of crafty things are you up to so far in 2014?  Did you join any groups or challenges?

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