2013 In Review And 2014 Goals


2013 was a crazy, tumultuous, roller coaster of a year for me.  I was accepted into the PEI Crafts Council and Artisans On Main, worked full time outside  of the house this summer for the first time since Judah and Willow were born, sat on committees, spent quite a bit of time volunteering, continued homeschooling the kiddos, and simultaneously worked from home.  I’ve indulged my budding love for photography, spent a lot of time hiking woodland trails, hula hooped like a crazy woman, and swung some serious iron in kettlebell classes.  So much change, so many new things, and so many blasts from the past …

In regards to crafting, in 2013 , I completed:

  • 4 pairs of socks, 3 of which where handspun
  • 1 pair of fingerless gloves
  • 8 hats – 7 stranded colorwork and 1 cabled
  • 4 cowls – 3 in colorwork (two of which where in handspun) and one crocheted
  • 9 shawls – 6 in handspun
  • Cut my first steeks
  • Released 3 patterns
  • Spun over 13 lbs on wool into handspun

With 2014, comes new goals and new ideas.  This year, I plan to slow down.  The break-neck pace of 2013 left me feeling dizzy and, quite frankly, rather exhausted.  While my knitting and spinning a still a huge priority for me,  my goals don’t revolve around fiber arts this year.  My goals are fairly simple but there and few.  I want to:

  • spend more time sewing
  • go camping more
  • take the kids for more hikes and explore more of the trails our beautiful island has to offer
  • spend more time playing at the beach
  • commit to less and make sure that  the things that I commit to are things that I really want to do, not things that others think  that I should do.
  • read more
  • continue my daily meditation and yoga practices
  • throw myself more fully into my hooping practice
  • laugh and smile more
  • build some cold frames and hoop houses for our garden

  I know that many of you make New Years resolutions and set goals for yourself as well.  What are your plans for 2014?

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