FO Friday – Handspun Celes



I’ve got fresh handspun woollies to share with you today! A little later than I had intended to share it, seeing as it is Sunday and all, but glad to be able to share none-the-less šŸ™‚

This is a handspun version of Celes by Jared Flood that I made for my friend D’s sister.Ā  It made from some very special fiber – a blend of merino and D’s sister’s dog’s fur.Ā  Most of the fiber was hand carded with my trusty Ashford cards but I did send some to be processed into roving as I have not been able to do any amount of carding since I hurt my hand this summer.

I am so pleased with the finished product.Ā  The blend of merino and dog fur yields such a dreamy soft and fluffy finished stole.Ā Ā  The only mod that I made to this pattern was instead of knitting the center panel in two pieces and grafting together, I chose to knit it in one continuous strip.Ā  If you have been wanting to knit this pattern and haven’t yet, I highly recommend it.Ā  Not only is it a very fun knit but the resulting stole is absolutely beautiful.Ā  I’m looking forward to eventually knitting one for me in some fabulous BFL!

Happy knitting all!

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