WIP Wednesday – Pheasant Quill


Super excited to start on the edging of my handspun Quill. This is is probably  the biggest shawl that I have knit since my from my Fire and Brimstone Laminaria.  So far I have knit my way through approximately 4oz of Pheasant handspun on BFL/Silk, 6 oz of Dijon handspun on BFL, and working on 4oz of the lovely alpaca that I received from my dear friend Tina of Peacefully Knitting.  The past couple of days have been rather cool so working on my shawl has been a real treat.  I already know that it is going to be incredibly cozy as it has been keeping my lap nice and toasty while I work on it.  I’ve been hoping that I will be able to share some finished pictures of it next week so be sure to check back!  Only two more lacy edges to go … 🙂

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