FO Friday (on Saturday) – Carson Sunrise





I had planned to do a FO Friday post on my newly finished Carson Sunrise yesterday but we had so much fun at the Not-Back-To-School picnic with the other homeschoolers that the time got completely away from us.  So I’m doing my FO Friday post on Saturday 🙂

This was an interesting project for me.  I had originally planned on using other yarn but changed my mind when I saw the 3 color version … I snapped one of my good knitting needles and learned a very valuable lesson (don’t leave your knitting where you might sit on it!) … and knit on it all while dealing with a hand injury (which is thankfully almost 100% better now).  It might sound like quite the knitting catastrophe but the finished shawl, in my opinion, is very much worth all of the craziness.  This shawl is so unbelievably soft, the colors bright and cheery, and it drapes and wraps around me like a daydream.  I LOVE it!

Also, the more I work on semi-circular shawls, the more I absolutely love the shape of them.  They seem to stay put really well and they are very cozy.  I’m almost a little sad to finish this because now I need to find another fun semi-circular shawl to cast on.

What is your favorite semi-circular shawl pattern?  I’m looking for a fun new project to cast on in handspun  and would love to hear your suggestions 🙂

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