June And July Handspun


Between the business of July and August, and with some rather serious computer crashes, I completely forgot about posting my June and July spins.  Some of the pictures aren’t the best as I lost A LOT of photos while trying to fix my computer issues, but I’ve got my laptop up and running on Linux Mint now and it seems to like it much better that the previous MicroSoft system that I was running.  Yay for fixed computers!   🙂  Anyway, back to the fiber …

The first spin pictured is 4oz of  Targee in “Vulpse Vulpse” colorway by Spunky Eclectic.  This was spun up as a nice and bouncy worsted weight 2 ply and would look amazing as a hat or cowl.


This second spin was a test for a special project.  This, in my opinion, was my first spinning flop.  While the yarn looks very pretty, it lacks any real structure and the yarn drifted apart when I tried to knit with it.  Lesson learned though … some fibers really need to be blended with wool to give them structural integrity. My take #2 of this yarn is going MUCH better. You’ll hear more about this in a later post 🙂


Next was 4oz Shetland in “At The Drive In” colorway by Northbound Knitting.  Have I told you lately how much I love spinning Shetland wool?  This baby is a nice squishy 2 ply DK weight yarn and would make the most amazing mittens!


And some more of NBK’s lovely Shetland to share with you.  This colorway is “Namaste” and it is also spun as a 2 ply DK weight yarn.  I really love the mingling of the colors in both the fiber and the yarn.  Very calm, cool, and relaxing!


This spin is 4oz of my own hand dyed merino in the colorway “Tranquil”.  This is another 2 ply DK weight yarn with tons of squish and bounce.  The semi-solidness of the colorway would give depth to some fun cables or add a little fun to any textured knitting.


With this next spin, I got to take it right from the raw locks and turn it into a fat and fuzzy woolen yarn.  I had 8 oz of Border Leicester locks from SE which I tried one of Judith MacKenzie’s methods of washing on.  I sorted the locks and lined them up all pretty like on a few pillow cases and gently folded so the wool wouldn’t escape in the wash water.  This may take a little more time but it is definitely my preferred method of washing wool now.  The locks come out brilliantly clean and in perfect, neat little rows.  If I had a set of hand combs, it would have been an excellent time to try my hand at making my own combed top, but my hand cards did a wonderful job of making nice light and lofty rolags which are a ton of fun to spin.  I’m looking forward to the next time I get to play with raw wool as I picked up an Ashford Flick Carder which it dying to go for a test drive 🙂


Now this spin, you have already seen.  It is the wonderful semi-solid yarn that begins my Carson Sunrise shawl.  It is 4oz of mixed BFL in “Dijon” colorway by SE.  BFL is definitely one of my all time favorite wools to spin and this yarn turned out so dreamy!  I left it as a single as I was planning to use it as a shawl and since I went with the 3 color Carson, I still have lots of this left so I feel another shawl in the future with this yummy fiber.


“Sundown” on superwash Corrie was another really fun spin.  This was a progression dye so I chose to spin it tip to tail and then N-ply it to preserve the color.  The resulting yarn was so much fun!  I used it to knit an Ida’s Kitchen by Kirsten Kapur, the photos of which I sadly lost during my computer troubles.

9265374642_06c7bd6fd2_bAnd last in this quite extensive list of yarns, but certainly not least is 4oz of Shetland in “Winter Sun” colorway by Hello Yarn. This was spun up as a fractal 2 ply DK weight yarn and I love, love, LOVE the colors in this.  It is such a warm and cozy colorway and would look awesomesauce as a pair of cozy mittens.

So all things aside, the summer has been an extremely productive time for Spinning … especially since I have yet to post my August spins … so much so that I am almost completely wiped out of fiber!  Crazy, isn’t it!

In other news, you will be able to find these some of these spins and more at the Wine, Dine, and Blueberry Stomp this Sunday at Rossignol Estate Winery.  The lovely Ruth of Sew What? and  Jim of Vitamin Sea Studio will have my fibery treats available there and if all goes well, my spinning wheel and I will be there to join in the fun.

Happy crafting and creating everyone!


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