Let The Spinning Commence!




Tour de Fleece is off to a roaring start. The fur … er, wool … is flying in all directions all across the globe. This is one of my favorite time of year.  Spinners dive into their stash and plan their spins weeks (or more) in advance.  Big goals are made, some go out the window while others are quickly surpassed.  Fibers are decided upon, tossed back on the pile and then picked up again.  It is a time of excitement, crazy spinning, inspiring yarns and fiber-licious fun.


Pictured directly above was the goal I had set for TdF2013.  I figured 20 oz was a moderate and reasonable goal for me to meet during the Tour.  And then my June helping of Spunky Club Fiber arrived and I just HAD to add that in as well and that would take me up to 24oz … Throw in two days of being the “Artist at Work” at Artisans on Main in Montague and I’m over half way through my fiber picks already.  How crazy is that!


Yesterday, I was lucky enough to enjoy some spin time with Linda, a talented paper maker who is also a spinner!  I was such a treat to be able to kick back with our wheels, let the fiber fly, and talk spinning.


And another happy addition to our band of merry artists yesterday was John.  He was such a great sport for putting up with the two of us and our spinning talk and I really enjoyed watching his painting come to life.  Surrounded with beautiful art and crafty folk, we all agreed that Artisans on Main is a pretty sweet place to be!

Today’s spinning was back the norm for me … in the kitchen next to my kiddos playing legos.  I got started on my 4oz bump of “Sundown” on Superwash Corriedale which I am spinning quite thin (see the picture a the top with the dime).  I’m planning to N-ply this gorgeous gradient into a nice fingering weight yarn.   I had to take a bit of a break from spinning as I’m getting a blister on the bottom of my big toe from all the treadling (seriously, who would have thought!) but I hope to be back in fighting form again tomorrow.

Happy Tour de Fleece everyone and I hope you all have wonderful fiber adventures!

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