Celebration of Sheep and Wool


Shearing a sheep with manual shears. Totally amazing!

A lovely spinner, with whom I had the pleasure of talking spinning with 🙂

Just a few of the many beautiful sheep.

Is there anything cuter than a lamb? Yup! Three of them!

I love how this sheep wears a bell on the collar.

The Sheep Shop

Callie was a huge hit with Judah and Willow

Family portrait time!


We had the pleasure of attending the Celebration of Sheep and Wool at Pembroke Farm today.  It was our first time visiting and what a wonderful spot it is!  Not only do they raise sheep for both meat and fleece, they also train border collies for working with the sheep, grow organic veggies, and run The Sheep Shop.

Today we got to watch a sheep shearing demonstration where the shearer was using manual shears.  She made it look so incredibly simple and easy, which I know that it is not.  Judah and Willow were very impressed with the sheep for “sitting so still while getting their hair cut.”  I also had the opportunity to chat with spinner who was demonstrating.  It is not very often that I get a change to talk shop with other spinners so it was incredibly enjoyable for me.

The kids got the most enjoyment out of checking out all the animals … especially Callie, the horse.  She allowed them to pat her nose, which was a huge thrill!

And of course, I got to oooh and ahhhh over all of the lovely fiber and creations in The Sheep Shop.  The items that struck me the most were the needle felted people and MerMatrons.  They were all so whimsical and I can’t even begin to imagine how much time went into crafting each of them.  I did come home with some yummy spinning fiber as well.  Truth be told, I’m eyeballing it sitting on my desk as I type this post … I’m just itching to get into it!

Happy Saturday all!  I’m off to spin!

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