WIP Wednesday – Barndom


Well, it is official … I’m hooked on Stephen West’s designs.  I just can’t seem to get enough of them!  Enter Barndom

I started on a handspun version of this shawl (because if there is anything more fun than knitting one of Stephen’s designs, it is knitting it in handspun!) but I just couldn’t get the yarns I had chosen to play nicely together.  After trying multiple times to get a stashed handspun yarn to go with the handspun I had chosen for my main color, I said “To Heck With It!!!” and grabbed some really lovely Belfast Mini Mills Specialty sock and cast on with that instead.  I’m super happy with how it is progressing so far and it is knitting up really quickly. I started knitting this yesterday 😀

So what crafting do you have on the go now?  Are you in Holiday Crafting Crisis mode or are you kicking back and having some fun?  Me?  I’m having FUN!

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