WIP Wednesday – Purple People Eater Socks

The weather here has been quite a bit cooler lately.  Autumn has definitely come calling so I’m finding myself drawn to knitting very cozy things … in particular, nice wool socks.

I had ordered 4oz of Finn in “Feast Of Kings” colorway by Two If By Hand and when I arrived, I knew right away that this fiber was going to make some awesome handspun socks.  I split the fiber in half lengthwise and spun each half onto a separate bobbin, let it rest and then set the twist.

The pattern I chose for these socks was my Simple Handspun Socks pattern because it is a really quick and easy pattern and it shows of handpainted wool very well.  I’ve finished my first sock and am flying through the second.  They’ll be finished and ready for wearing in no time!  I’ve also taken to rolling my handspun socks up and putting them in a basket so that I can admire all the lovely colors.  My feet should be nice and toasty this fall and winter!

So what are you working on at the moment?  Are you making cozy things too?  I’d love to hear all about it!

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