12 Lbs Finished!

In January of this year I joined up with the 12lbsin2012 group on Ravelry and committed myself to trying to spin 12 lbs of fiber this year.   In the beginning, I doubted myself a bit because 12 lbs seemed so daunting, but as time progressed, I fell into a routine it seemed more and more attainable.

Last Monday, I am proud to say, I finished spinning the last bit of fiber for my 12 lb goal!  I have really enjoyed the whole process, learned a ton, and got to try out a lot of new-to-me fibers.  Would I do it again?  Absolutely!  I’m so eager, in fact, that I am continuing to spin and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that there will be a 13lbsin2012 group on Ravelry next year.

I’m received quite a few requests through email to see what my 12 lbs of fiber all spun up and to see what my yarn/fiber stash looks like now.

The first picture is of all of my handspun from 2012 to date.  It probably looks smaller than you were expecting because I have been knitting it up almost as fast as I have been spinning it.

The second and third pictures are of my yarn and fiber stash in entirety.  There is 2lbs of shetland and 2lbs of BFL underneath the bags of handspun.  It is bigger than this post in November but it truly isn’t  much of a stash explosion.  Surprising huh?

In my next post, I’m planning to show off all of the fun handspun projects that I have made from my 12lbsin2012 yarns (with lots more to come!) this year.

Hope you all have a wonderful Saturday and happy crafting!

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