WIP Wednesday – Handspun Mittens

I took advantage of the ferry ride to and from Nova Scotia this weekend to work on a pair of fun top-down mittens in dreamy hand painted  Gotland.   Originally, when I was spinning up this fiber, I had intended to make a rockin’ pair of socks with it (handspun longwool socks are THE BEST!) but as I knit along I realized more and more that the yarn wanted to be mittens instead.  Who am I to argue with yarn?

I have the first mitten finished and am cruising right along with the second.  They are a really simple but gratifying knit.  And you want to know a little secret?  I’m writing up the pattern for these mittens to be released as a free in August here on my website.   I’ll be filling you in on all the knitty gritty details a little bit later 🙂

So what are you working on now?  I’d love to hear all about it!


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