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I’ve been inspired by my sweet friend and fellow fiber artist Tina, to share books that I’m reading and WIP shots.

I grabbed a copy of  the “In Sheep’s Clothing”  ebook by Nola and Jane Fournier at Interweave’s hurt book sale yesterday.  I have read approximately 1/3 of the book so far and am learning a ton about the different breeds of sheep and their wool characteristics, as well as some interesting historical facts.  For instance, did you know that previous to the decline of the Spanish Empire in the eighteenth century, it was forbidden to export Merinos from Spain upon penalty of death?    Wow!  Talk about highly prized fleece!

With so many amazing types of sheep and widely varying fiber, there is a ton to learn about wool and I look forward to continuing to read through this book.

On the knitting front, yesterday I cast on a new pair of handspun socks with my “Little Fishes” handspun.  I am using the magic loop method and sailing right along.  Sock # 1 is finished and I made a really good dent in sock #2 during Judah’s soccer practice today.  They are super simple (toe up, short row heel, plain knitting for most of the sock) so that the fun colors of the yarn gets to shine. I will be sharing a free pattern for them a little later.  Yay!

So what are you reading?  What new projects have you just cast on or finished up?  I’d love to hear!

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