Falling Leaves Buttony

I’ve got some more pictures of finished projects to share.  I’ve really been on the photography ball this past week so I’m taking full advantage of it and snagging pictures of projects finished long and ever ago.

This is my Falling Leaves Buttony and I LOVE THIS SWEATER.  It is knit out of MacAusland’s 3 Ply Medium in the lovely natural grey of the sheep’s wool.  Some people may find this wool a wee bit coarser than other brands but it makes fantastic, durable sweaters that resist pilling (always a major plus in my book).  Plus it is milled right here on little old Prince Edward Island and friends of mine sell their wool to the MacAusland’s  🙂

The only mods that I made to this sweater was to add a falling leaves panel on the back which I got from Elizabeth Dallinger’s Falling Leaves Poncho pattern.

The buttons I made myself from a branch that broke off one of the birch trees in our yard.  I decided upon the thickness of the buttons that I wanted and marked them out on the branch.  I used a skill saw to cut the cross sections and drilled two holes in the center of each.  And then I sanded … and sanded … and sanded … until they were the smoothness that I was looking for.  The buttons aren’t all exactly the same shape.  Some are nice and circular and others a little oblong but that is part of their charm.  Each one is unique.

Of all the things I have knit over the years, this sweater is probably my favorite. I finished it last August (isn’t it shameful that I JUST took pictures of it!) and I’ve worn it a lot.  It is my go-to sweater anytime I want to be cozy and comfy.

Do you have a favorite hand knit?  If so, what is it?  I’d love you to share it!


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