April Handspun


I’m back after a wonderful, relaxing week of staycation and ready to share some pictures of  my April handspun goodies.

Pictured above is 4oz of merino in the “Little Fishes”  colorway by Spunky Ecelctic.  I decided to spin it up as a navajo plyed fingering weight yarn because I MUST have more funky handspun socks.  I was thinking of using this yarn for a fusion of Cookie A.’s Lickety Split sock toes plus Widdershins heels which will equal toe-up sock bliss.  And before any of you ask, yes,  I am one of those people who wear socks and sandals.  I just can’t bear to give up my comfy sandals when the weather gets cooler!



The skein of handspun pictured above was a real luxury to spin.  It is 4oz of super fine alpaca hand dyed by Kim Hartmann in gorgeous shades of pink.  This fiber was spun up  as a 2 ply sport weight and I could barely wait for it to finish drying before starting to knit it up into a Lacy Baktus.  Project pics and details are to come in a future blog post 🙂



And I really can’t help myself when it comes to anything colored like the rainbow … all the happy colors just scream “Spin me!”  So I’ve spun up 4 more oz.  of my own “Rainbow Brite”  handpainted merino.  It is fractally spun as a worsted weight 3 ply and I’m planning to knit matching pairs of East Coast Mittens for Willow and I.  I will also be adding i-cord “idiot strings” (sorry for the terrible term but that’s what we all call them here!) to them because I may be all “growed up”  but I still have a tendency to lose my mittens.



In April, I also spun up the last 4 oz of “Shades Of Turquoise”  in Polwarth by Carolyn of Greenwood Fiberworks that I had in my stash.  I had originally intended to knit a Spoked Cardigan but now that I’m looking at all this lovely blue yarn, I’m thinking that I need a simpler pattern that will really showcase just how beautiful this fiber is.  I have a few ideas in mind but I’m just waiting for the yarn to speak to me and to tell me what it wants to be.

So April was a great spinning month for me and, as many of you know, at the beginning of 2012, I joined up with the 12 lbs in 2012 group on Ravlery.  I thought that I was pretty crazy at the time for striving for 12 lbs of handspun in 2012 but you know what?

 Counting April’s handspun, I’ve got 5 of my 12 lbs of fiber spun up!

I can hardly believe that I’m almost half way  to reaching my goal!

How about you?  Did you set any crazy goals for yourself this year and how are they working out for you?  I’d love to hear!


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