Gonzo The Bold


Today, I had planned on posting pictures of some finished handspun but somthing even more delightful came along!

Last week, Kirby and the kids had made birdseed roll feeders and stuck them in the trees in hopes of feeding the chickadees but our three resident ravens (Edgar, Allan, and Poe) have been putting the boots to most of the little birds.

Judah was playing by the patio door and noticed that there was finally a visitor at the homemade feeders … our furry and very nosey friend Gonzo.  Gonzo has been a visitor here for several years and is incredibly tame.  He allowed me to creep up to within several feet of him to take his picture.  Kirby took a quick video and posted it to his blog as well.  You can check out his video here.

Needless to say, Judah and Willow were VERY happy to see a critter having a feast from their homemade feeders and hope that Gonzo comes again for another snack.


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