Tour De Fleece Day 1

Day 1


Yesterday was the official kick off day for Tour De Fleece 2011.  I am super excited to be taking part again this year and am spinning with Team Canada.

I was all prepped and ready with a really gorgeous batt that I bought from Belfast Mini Mills and it took a lot of determination NOT to start spinning it the day I took it home.  You can see pics of the batt in one of my previous posts .

I started yesterday with a big cup of good green tea and my yummy, yummy batt and spinning wheel.  The fiber is so soft and fluffy and spins VERY well without pre-drafting.  It took no time at all to spin up and ounce of it!

Today was also quite productive on the spinning front.  I managed to spin another ounce of fiber before the kids got up this morning.  I somehow feel that this fiber isn’t going to last quite as long as I had anticipated but once it is finished I will most definitely be knitting it into a new shawl.

Be sure to stay tuned to my blog  for further tour de fleece updates, pictures, and to see what shawl I decide to knit with my new handspun!

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